Token allocation and issuance

The INTO token is a standard utility token issued in batches by the INTO platform and used for trading, governance, asset creation, and more. The INTO token is pre-allocated, with a total supply of 10 billion tokens, ensuring fairness and transparency in its distribution. The token allocation is mainly divided into the following parts:

1.Social Mining: Encouraging users to share information about the INTO project on social platforms and promote it to receive corresponding INTO token rewards. Social mining can effectively increase the community's influence and publicity, while also attracting more users to participate in the project.

2.Staking Mining: Rewarding users who hold and support the INTO project for the long term. Users can stake their tokens on the INTO platform and receive corresponding INTO token rewards, while also supporting the platform's stable operation through staking.

3.Ecological Fund: Supporting and developing the INTO ecosystem, such as supporting developers and application development, and sponsoring related community activities. The ecological fund can effectively enhance the platform's ecological effect, while also attracting more developers and users to join the ecosystem.

4.Exchange Fund: Listing and promoting on mainstream digital asset exchanges can provide INTO with wider exposure and user base, thereby improving the platform's visibility and liquidity.

5.Promotion Fund: Supporting and encouraging community members to promote the INTO project can provide more brand exposure opportunities for INTO, while also attracting more users to participate in promotion.

6.Early Bird Round: Attracting more users to participate in the project at the early stage and receive corresponding rewards, while also increasing INTO's community influence and brand awareness.

7.Team: Used to reward the contributions and efforts of INTO team members, this part is an important guarantee for the stable development of the platform, while also providing more incentives and motivation for team members.

8.Advisors: Rewarding the contributions and support of advisors to the INTO project, this part can provide more professional knowledge and support for the development of the INTO project.

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