Receive Income Q&A

Q: During the voting period, what are the proceeds from users' votes, who will distribute them, and what are the rules for distribution?

A: All participants' rewards can be collected anytime after the election results are announced (except for system maintenance), and the proceeds can be checked directly in the account. The platform will distribute a certain percentage of the social base to all participating users on a daily basis, and the amount of the bonus will be determined by the amount of TOX tokens pledged by users for the current campaign or the amount of TOX tokens contributed by voting support (minimum return rate APR: 25%), and the elected person will receive double the original amount (estimated return rate APR: 50%~300%).

Q: What are the rights and interests of the elected nodes?

A: The elected nodes can receive INTO Global Node Privilege NFT, which is a privileged offline privilege. Details can be viewed in "My NFT".

The elected node will enjoy the right to choose the city node (local population > 10 million) first and get 1% of the pledged TOX quantity of local users as revenue (estimated APR: 100%~500%).

The elected node will participate in the global governance of INTOverse and be invited to attend the global node conference held every six months to deeply participate in the development and governance decisions of the INTOverse project.

Q: When will the node election voting end?

A: Node campaign and voting pledges will continue. In the future, in addition to revenue distribution, you can also participate in the governance of INTOverse.

Q: What is the relationship between the node campaign and the TOX token price?

A: TOX tokens are the only locked-in credentials for the INTOverse node campaign.

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