Voting Rules

1. Node campaign voting entrance: "Global Node Campaign" on the top navigation bar of the Web terminal, or APP terminal - Home Banner - Node Campaign banner.

2. Each user can vote for each candidate an unlimited number of times, and a user can vote for multiple candidates. Each vote requires a pledge of one TOX token, and the lock-up period for withdrawing the vote is 7 days.

3. The number of votes received by the candidates during the node campaign will be stacked in real time and will not be zeroed out.

Stop campaigning and stop voting

1. Participants can choose to stop campaigning at any time (except for system maintenance). The lock-up period is 30 days after stopping campaigning, and the pledged TOX tokens need to be collected actively upon expiration.

2. After voting, you can stop voting at any time (except for system maintenance). The lock-up period after stopping voting is 7 days, and you need to take the initiative to collect the TOX tokens for voting upon expiration.

3. After stopping the campaign, if users participate in the campaign again, they need to resubmit the node information for review.

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